Thursday, 27 September 2012

Yurting and Slinging

We have just enjoyed a few nights in a yurt in Cornwall- a more luxurious, spacious and easier way of camping with little one. It was lovely to have family time close to nature. Amongst many useful tools, such as the torch and corkscrew, that made the holiday more relaxing were my slings. Here are some examples of how and when they saved achy arms and frustrations:

  • A quick hands free when walking between yurt, kitchen and bathroom especially when putting little shoes on was not accepted
  • For a bit of reassurance when feeding the animals in the morning
  • For doing the washing up together whilst being able to chat
  • To enable a lunchtime nap (after a little persuasion) whilst walking along the cliff tops
  • For short ups and downs around town
  • For a tired toddler needing lots of cuddles whilst packing the car on our departure
  • When not in use the ring sling/wrap provided that little bit of extra warmth (it all helps!)

The downsides- only Mummy is allowed the benefits of hands free cuddles, unfortunately Daddy is not allowed any aids to his carrying- arms are apparently good enough. Daddy did get achy arms especially as being Daddy’s girl Mummy often did not get a look in on the carrying!



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