Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Painting/Playing

Daddy came up with the brilliant afternoon activity of 'Snow Painting'- what could be better to do when there are increasing drifts of snow outside the door.

Our 'ingredients' included:

One plastic tray
A piece of paper to fit tray- watercolour paper a good option
Colour- daughter choose poster paints, I choose food colouring and Daddy choose some beetroot paint we'd made the other day

The Plan was to:
Place the piece of paper in the tray

Get a bucket full of snow and tip on to the tray

Start adding colour

And see what happened.

What did happened:

We started by adding our colour

A little mixing

Getting hands in

More colour and mixing

A request for paint direct on hands

Rub together


More mixing

Now for some scrapping out of the tray and back into the bucket

A request for a spoon

Feet in!

Quick wait plain paper will be better

Now for some foot painting

Results after standing up and having a really good twist in the paint with feet

A little later to return to snow having melted a little

Some painting with snow paint

Then back to pouring from bucket to tray- sadly I missed a photo of the paper after the first pouring into the bucket as the snow paint had made some lovely marks- but busy toddler needed next pouring to be supervised (I am fairly relaxed but did not fancy snow/water/paint all over the kitchen!).

The pouring and spooning continued for quite a while as we watched the snow melt more and more and become less crunchy and mushy. Baby was also enlisted to help with the activities.

End result

So whilst the end result was not exciting (although I think can be taken forward to our next painting fun- more interesting to have a coloured/textured piece of paper to paint on), this was not what it was about. My daughter and I got to spend time together experimenting, playing, being creative and simply being together. My daughter, in addition, learnt a little more about snow, melting, colour, mixing, pouring, instructing baby what to do and generally just got to play!