Friday, 5 July 2013

The Versatile Must Have Sling

Slings can be so much more then simply getting your little one from A to B- a must have when out and about for many reasons. Here are just a few of the ways my slings came in handy whilst on holiday:

Keeping comfortable whilst having a 5 minute power nap following a 3 hour morning run and hike up to a waterfall, featuring Emeibaby carrier as pillow and Bara Barn shorty as blanket

Bara Barn in action- Piggy back with Uncle- very special

Emeibaby in action- Cuddles with Daddy

Emergency skirt- I will not go into details as to why this was required! Featuring tonga ready to go, which was particularly useful for carrying nervous toddler whilst paddling

Not just a handy carrying tool for little ones but great for carrying supplies (featuring apple juice here)

Great for collecting shells on the beach

My didymos shorty keeping me warm and snug

Didymos in action- tired girl requiring a carry- when she got down she said 'I am better now'- the magical, healing power of the wrap

and finally more cuddles with Daddy- a cosy break from being on Daddy's shoulders